Melanie (bellamyrose) wrote in lol_with_nsync,

An Introduction

Hi everybody. I thought I'd stop by and introduce myself. I've been accepted as temporary co-mod while truekat is sick, so I'll be around a bit.

My name is Melanie. I'm 28, married and a mommy to 3. I'm a hiatus fan, so I missed all the concerts, appearances and performances, but I'm totally supporting all the solo things all the guys have going on.

Chris is my favorite member, but I'm also a big fan of Lance, Joey and JC. Justin is my least favorite member, but I kinda like him too. ;) 

I love to laugh. There are a few moments of the guys in various interviews, pictures, etc. that make me giggle. I'll share a couple of mine, but I'd love to hear what everyone else's funniest moments are as well.

These are clickable for the larger version.

Chris is just so silly, and I love that he can wear things like this gorgeous Viking hat and make it look good.

This was one of the first pictures that I saved after I discovered these guys. It always gives me a giggle.

Joey's face, what else is there to say?

Also, don't forget about the Icon Contest for the community userpic and the Caption Contest that are running right now. We'd love to see your entries.

I'll be around if anyone needs anything.
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Hey! Welcome to Co-Mod Dom. lol Love the pics <3

Joey's face, what else is there to say?
Hahaha. Love JoLa together :) I've been meaning to watch On The Line lately...*searches for dvd*

Thanks for posting!! <3