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Laugh Out Loud with Nsync

The louder the laugh, the bigger the love

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This is a communtiy for *NSync humor, where you can laugh out loud with *NSync. We love the guys of *NSync dearly, but even they have to admit they can be very...dorky sometimes.

- Everyone (All members, not just mods) are allowed to post, so this can be another media outlet for people to post news on our sparkly boys. Please try to make sure no one else has posted your news yet.
- Also, if you'd like to post a link to a humerous fanfiction, please do so. (Links to other fics also allowed, but we're trying to keep it geared towards humor). If you’re just linking to an area like a community or other journal where you keep all your fiction, please limit your posts to once a month. Chapter updates you can post as often as they are ready though.
- I'm bringing back the CAPTION CONTESTS!! I had fun with those, and I was told many others did too. First, I'll post a picture, and in screened comments you leave a caption. Then, I put those captions into a poll and the members vote on the funniest caption.
- Icons can and are encouraged to be posted! (Again, please keep it geared towards humor. Humor doesn’t have to be in/on every single one but please let the majority of your post be humerous)
- Drabble contests! Again, related to humor, and I'll try to find a way for each member involved in every step, like the caption contest, including voting.
- Themed drabble, icon, picture posting. One of us will post a theme, you comment with drabbles, pictures, or icons that match this theme, depending on what was specified.
- Discussion topics. One of us will post a topic, we all discuss. We'll try to include corresponding pictures too.

This is just a short list of the things behind the humor doors. If you want to have fun with our favorite pop group, then please join and participate! Open membership, but all posts are members only.

All posts are members only. A Note about SLASH: We are not geared towards this, nor do we disclude it from entries. When possible, do leave a warning about it, for those who don't like the subject. Thanks.

If you have any pictures of the guys that make you smile or laugh that you'd like to donate, please email them as an attachment to lol_with_nsync.62932@uploads.photobucket.com . Thanks!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ideas? Please contact rockerbabyz at rockerballincolor@comcast.net or truekat, another Mod. Thanks!

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If you would like to be affiliated with us, please contact rockerbabyz or comment on a public post. Thanks :)

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